Not so patiently waiting for the FedEx guy…

erin condrenNow I sit (not so) patiently waiting for my new paper planner to be delivered. I’m a paper-girl at heart. I have tried to embrace the electronic calendar on my phone, but dang it’s just not working. I realize that’s it causing all kinds of silliness in my life with various scraps of paper floating through my purse, so while I will continue to capture stuff electronically so the important appointments are communicated to the rest of the family, I ordered a new Erin Condren Life Planner. I haven’t used this particular planner before, but everyone who has one is a fanatic. I can finally wrangle all of my post-it notes with daily to-do’s and bill payment reminders and party invitations into one spot and also capture all of my exercise classes, dance classes and planned runs. I placed my order a solid two weeks ago and it was heavenly to see the email notification that it had been shipped Friday night. I feel like a kid at Christmas time waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney… Stay tuned for my obsession to begin… 🙂

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