A few of my favorite things, part 1: my running skirt!

As my training group finished our long run this morning, the girls asked about my skirt.  It’s not surprising, I get comments all IMG_4829[1]the time about “how cute that skirt is” or that I always look so perfect when I run.”  My love of the skirt began when I began running.  It’s hot enough in Dallas for long enough that you can’t get away with wearing very much clothing, so capris or long pants were out.  However, being sixty pounds overweight leads to what I affectionately refer to as “chub rub.”  Thighs that rub together with enough friction that, without the addition of all that sweat, I’d probably start a forest fire!  Shorts were just out of the question.  They didn’t cover the necessary body parts and rode up.  Nothing says sexy more than digging shorts out of your crotch while running.

I must have tried every manufacturer of running skirts before it was over with.  Some had shorts that weren’t long enough, some didn’t give enough stretch around the midsection and just looked awful on a body that was changing with every run.  A couple had that annoying glue stuff on the inside of the legs to keep the shorts from riding up.  That would be great, but I spent the whole run messing with the because they felt like they were digging in to my thigh.  Most didn’t include pockets!  They all ended up on ebay before it was over with.

I discovered SkirtSports from an online forum of runners.  I checked it out, bought one and I became an instant convert!  I literally do not go on a run without a skirt now.  I love that the gym girl ultra version hits at the perfect length for my fairly short legs.  It’s not so long that it cuts me in half.  The shorts have just enough compression to stay put and not ride up.  I can wear my skirt for twenty miles and the legs are never a concern for me.  The material of the skirt is stretchy enough that it accommodates the movement of running and is forgiving if I have eaten a cupcake or two and put on a few pounds.  I run with my inhaler without fail because my asthma is no joke, but those inhalers are a pain to run with because they don’t always fit in a pocket of a hydration belt or the pockets in most shorts, but SkirtSport Gym Girl Ultra skirts have a pocket on each leg of the shorts.  The pocket holds my inhaler perfectly and it has never shimmied its way out.  The second pocket I use to hold my iPhone, which has a case that keeps my drivers license, insurance card and a debit/credit card for mid-run emergencies.  It slides right into the pocket and lays flat against my leg so that it doesn’t bounce or swing around and, even better, the skirts come with a small reinforced hole at the hip to thread your earbuds through.

 IMG_4831[1] IMG_4833[1] IMG_4834[1]

 The colors and prints for the skirts are bright and fun and include enough variety that you can match almost any top with your skirt.  I will confess to maybe going a little overboard, but I really just love them all and want to get the newest prints, so I may have a few… 😉  That being said, these skirts are also indestructible.  I have had a few skirts for years and they still look new, despite all of the trips through the washing machine.

If cost is a factor, the company is great about sending out discount codes on their facebook page and email list, and a few times a year they mark these beloved skirts down big time!!  You can occasionally find the skirts at local running stores, but I prefer to shop online at skirtsports.com because there is more variety.

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