A few of my favorite things, part 2: my iPod Shuffle!

imageAs I count down to my next marathon on December 14th, I thought I would share the items that I consider “must haves” for my race. I don’t typically run with headphones during training runs. Bottom line is, I have great friends that I train with and I enjoy their company too much to listen to music. However, races are usually a different story. I don’t typically have anyone to run with, so I have a playlist of my favorite tunes that I know will motivate me. Up until a year ago, I would just use my iPhone because I was already carrying it, but I knew that my iPhone battery wouldn’t survive the length of time I would be out there for a marathon. (Let’s face it, I have ENDURANCE… LOL) I am so excited that I decided to pick up a small little iPod.

This cutie snaps perfectly to the strap of my running bra and is kept underneath whatever top I’m wearing while I run so that it is protected and won’t be lost while running. One of my favorite things about it is the long battery life and the engraving that my sweet hubby had put on the back of it -” December PR is made today!”  It’s a phrase I use often when it’s 105 degrees outside and training runs are brutal. You just have to keep plugging away because the PR I’m chasing takes time to achieve. 🙂

What are some of your must-have’s when racing?


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