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Hi! I’m Erin and I am a runner who loves food, specifically desserts!
Cookies, cupcakes and pie, oh my! Is there anything more lovely than freshly baked tasty treats? I think not. 🙂 Good thing I married a chef, because I can’t even boil water without drama.

While running a half marathon a few years ago, I was really struggling. I looked up and saw the mile 11 marker and told myself, “Eleven miles, two miles to go, you can do this! Two miles is cake. Ooh! Cake. Cupcakes! I would love a cupcake about now. Lemon. Must be a lemon cupcake. Maybe a few blueberries on top!” Only when I saw people eyeing me suspiciously did I realize I said all of that… OUT LOUD… Yep, ever since then, my son has renamed mile 11 “The Cupcake Mile.”

Fast rewind back to 2011.  I was a significantly overweight hockey mom who lived through her active son.  My life revolved around driving him to practice and games, eating out with the team and general shenanigans.  I was married to his significantly overweight hockey dad that did the same thing.  We were up before 5 am on the weekends only to find the nearest coffee shop to grab our

At the Messina Hof Winery 5K in Bryan/College Station, TX

At the Messina Hof Winery 5K in Bryan/College Station, TX

750 calorie sugar laden caffeinated calorie bomb to wash down the bag full of donuts we ate on the way to the rink.  We usually didn’t get back home til well after dark.  We spent our lives sitting in the stands of life as it passed us by with a whoosh.  I am so very thankful for my son’s team all those years ago.  The team was so bad and the parents so toxic, that the thought of sitting near them during practice on Wednesday nights for three and a half hours was literally unbearable.  I went on a walk for three miles that night.  It was quiet and I could decompress.  That led to asking hubby to help me fix a dinner before practice that could be taken to go and I would eat at the rink (as usual) but it would be more calorie friendly.  Walking turned to faster walking and eventually became short bursts of running (don’t laugh, it was still probably slower than most people walked).  Hockey dad saw that I was a happier person and started to see results, so he asked what the path was and he started walking on the days he went to hockey practice.  Now back to the present and sixty pounds lighter on me and 105 pounds fewer on hockey dad, we are a family that was saved by movement!

On our way back from the OKC Marathon in April 2014

On our way back from the OKC Marathon in April 2014

Sean, my husband, has come such a long way in his weight loss and fitness journey.  He is a classically French-trained chef (aka, every recipe starts with a pound of butter…) and has done amazing things to lighten up every recipe we eat (most meals are under 450 calories unless you want a second helping) as well as making meals for private clients that help them in their weight loss journey.  He runs daily and is my biggest cheerleader when I get derailed.

Alex killing his PR at the Rock n Roll HM Dallas, TXMy son, Alex, spent his high school years continuing to play hockey for his high school team, but discovered running as well and worked his way into becoming a pretty fast runner! He ultimately chose to not run for a college team because he wanted to play in the band and major in music, so cross country season was out for him. But he did join the triathlon team and completed his first half Ironman in late 2017. He continues to put in the work in hopes of a 2020 or 2024 Olympic Marathon trials-qualifying half marathon race very soon!

Emma Grace and me at the 2014 Disney Princess Royal 5K

Emma Grace and me at the 2014 Disney Princess Royal 5K

And finally, my daughter, the princess.  She is my skirt sister.  She started running when my babysitting fell through one evening for our Tuesday run.  Not wanting to be stuck at home while the boys went running, I decided to go to the lake and at least walk.  She put her foot down and said she wouldn’t ride in the jogging stroller, so we set out.  By the time we finished, we covered three miles.  When she overheard me bragging about how far she went and someone commented that “a 5K was an amazing distance for a four year old,” she asked if she could do a race “like bubba.”  Knowing she would likely be motivated by a finishers medal , I found a 5K that offered one (tough to find in Dallas!) and we signed up!  She did a mix of running and walking and Sean and I both ran with her that morning.  She insisted that she have a skirt, just like mine, and a pair of sunglasses.  Thank goodness Skirt Sports sold girls sizes.  She has since completed many races and even managed to snag a few age-group awards, and is eyeing the adult sizes now!


15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Oh, you crazy runners! I have a friend who’s done 16 marathons and is still pursuing the sub-3 marathon. I used to run, and loved the endorphin high, but I got too fat and now I prefer lifting weights for my cardio.

    I love your narrative voice; your post fairly bursts with enthusiasm. The magenta font, however, is very hard on the eye, and calls attention to itself. Using black for the majority of text will let your writing speak for itself. Save the magenta (a great colour) to punch up your posts with colour and emphasis.


  2. Gah, why can’t we edit comments? I also meant to say, I like your use of images to liven up your post, and the way you place them, and their size relative to the text, and the way the text flows around them, gives the eye a solid path through the post, with comfortable places to land and pretty things to look at. Good visual design!


  3. Awesome “about” post. I’m so inspired by your transformation. I too transformed – 20 lbs – through running. i have just started a blog about running and travel. I hope you will visit sometime if you get a chance. I’ve got a new post today about running with music. https://travelrunstyle.wordpress.com/


    • Thanks Rebecca! I will definitely check it out. My posting this summer has been a lot like my running-sporadic with no discipline! Hahaha! Never fear, I’m jumping back in feet first in just about a week as I tackle my next marathon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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