December PRs are made today

I won’t lie. I don’t run more than three times a week.  I sit in awe of those in my training program that can slog out mile after mile, day after day.  I just can’t do it.  I tried last season and my body revolted in the form of a torn calf muscle and a tibial stress fracture that reminded me that I’m not as young as I like to think I am.  And my past sins of being significantly overweight and sedentary will always be a factor in my training.  Bottom line is I am a slower finisher at the marathon distance.

But I’m totally going to PR this December! 😉

But just because I don’t run every day doesn’t mean that I don’t get my hiney up and moving every single day.  My plan is to be a bit more well rounded this season and see if it makes a significant difference in my finish time.  I run three days a week, do yoga once a week, elliptical, spin bike and strength training.  I would like to think that it’s helping because my run last night actually felt easier than usual.  Last night, however, was an anomaly.  The easy base-pace run started off

We were drenched!  Nothing like the solid "ker-thunk" of dripping wet clothes hitting the tile floor after a run through a monsoon!

We were drenched! Nothing like the solid “ker-thunk” of dripping wet clothes hitting the tile floor after a run through a monsoon!

as usual with temps in the high 90s and humidity at a solid 120% (just kidding, but man, it was humid!).  A mile in to the run, we felt the blessed raindrop.  Then another.  It was just enough to make the steam visibly rise off of the pavement.  Kind of cool to watch, not very fun to be in.  I *may* have looked up at the sky and challenged Mother Nature with a “that all you got?? bring it!”  Hindsight, it was maybe not a smart move to taunt her.  The sky opened up and it didn’t so much rain, but pour enormous buckets of water down.  Not even a visor or hat kept you from needing little windshield wipers on your eyeballs.  We were a solid 40 minutes from the clubhouse when the lightning struck and we were stuck at the lake with nowhere to take cover.  We bounced around a bit, took a short cut, did a hill or two and generally decided that a tempo run was what was on our impromptu plan.  There were many a phone that gave it a good fight but likely lost in the end.  Thank goodness the phone 6 will be out soon, huh??  But I was really impressed that I was able to run at race pace so early in the season and not be sucking wind.  I’m not sore this morning and I generally feel great about it.  Maybe there is something to this well-rounded plan of mine.

Now we are back into the temperatures and humidity levels that we are used to seeing and I know so many people that just don’t want to train in imperfect weather.  Yes, it’s hot. But slaying the summer will allow us to rule the fall.  If we can run in the heat, we will be so much faster when the temperature finally starts to back off.  Our December PRs will only be made with the consistent training in every kind of weather.  It makes sense – we are supposed to practice with our fuel to train our bodies to accept little foil packets of gel for countless hours and we are supposed to wear the same clothes to know where to apply the body glide in the future… 😉 And running in the rain is just part of it.  If you wait for the perfect moment to run, you will likely never train and it won’t prepare you for whatever Mother Nature chooses to throw at you on race day.  Many a marathon has been run in less than ideal conditions, so you might as well suck it up today and get out there.  Besides, how else will you recognize a perfect day?