What Holiday Sanity?

It’s December 21st and I still don’t have a tree up.

Yep, I seem to be winning as a mom, yet again. I mean, I got the elves out, so that counts for something, right? Let’s not really talk about the fact that the only reason the elves are img_0554-e1513893588192.jpgout is because the nine year old “reminded” us. And save for the one morning that it was discovered that they didn’t move from their location the previous day, which resulted in a voodoo-like ceremony complete with cinnamon sprinkled on an antique secretary desk, we’ve generally done pretty well.

img_0553I bought the stupid book that gave me ideas on all kinds of crazy elfin shenanigans, but really, they are just hanging from the same old ceiling fans and fireplace mantle. The creativity has just gone. OK, side note, I haven’t accidentally cooked the elves in the oven yet, so there is that, right?

I’d like to say that it was the marathon I ran this weekend that was the culprit for adding holiday stress, or the half marathon we directed, or the fact that Sean is opening up a pie shop. But really, this is nothing new. We seem to always be overbooked and looking for Texas A&M to hurry up and perfect human cloning so we can do everything we somehow commit ourselves to.


Extra swim lessons to make up for the lessons missed on holidays.

Holiday treats for the nine year old’s class.

A new cat and not really sure how to put up a tree and not deal with the ensuing disaster that I hear cats are capable of with a tree.

Yep, my house is a wreck and the only way you know it’s Christmas currently is the slightly more frequent Amazon prime deliveries on the doorstep.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. We are all stretched way too thin this time of year.

So how do I plan to make it to the home stretch of December 25th without losing my crap?

img_0535For me, I choose to live in a sort of delusional parallel universe that if I’m not at the house seeing how much I need to clean, or the fact that the lights in the front yard were, in fact, placed there by said nine year old, then Christmas can be put off until I’m ready… next June… 😉

img_0353Yep, I go for a run. It doesn’t fix the fact that nothing is getting done, but it’s a great stress reliever! I am living in my little run skirts so that I can head out for a run at a moment’s notice. We are also using our Instant Pot like crazy to make sure dinner happens. I’m also trying to stick to my usual early morning swims so that I am at least getting something done before my day gets taken hostage by whatever crisis is coming my way.

Let’s see, what else?

img_0552Well, for starters, I have learned to take advantage of that Amazon Prime membership. Every time I think of something else I need, I just order it and voila, it shows up on my doorstep, many times the very next day. Even the toilet paper. Down to one roll? Open the app and order a case. If it can’t be Primed, chances are it’s not getting bought right now.

I quit getting creative with Christmas as well. I asked my kids for a list of all the little consumable crap they are always wanting. Clarinet reeds, extra bike tubes, CO2 cartridges, Pokémon cards, all of it. I made a list for each of them and added “gift cards” for two or three of their favorite stores. I purposely made sure the lists had even items that were less than $5. Then I took a photo of the lists and sent them to all the family members. But here is the kicker: I told the family that if they didn’t give me a list like these, they weren’t getting anything. This is the year of me NOT being creative and NOT going to the mall to just browse til I find that one gift. (insert eyeroll here)

img_0162We finally decided that we can’t be everywhere. It was hard to only show up for a party for thirty minutes, or not at all, but for the sake of our sanity, we had to draw a line in the sand. When the nine year old has on her wish list that we would spend more time with her, it made it super easy to walk out of that party. We have given ourselves permission to have a cluttered house and to let a lot of things go this year. But we have plans to finally go buy that Christmas tree tonight. And if we are lucky, get some plastic ornaments so that when the inevitable happens, and the tree falls due to a spastic cat, we can just pick right back up and keep moving forward. With grace. And a whole lot of laughter.