Favorites Friday: Running Skirts!


Man, this poor little blog is a little dusty.


Since the height of fall marathon season has kicked in here in Texas, I thought I’d start off my renewed commitment to the written word with (cue the music…) “a few of my favorite things.”

I will begin this particular post with the disclaimer that I am an Ambassador for Skirt Sports. I don’t get paid and I don’t get any sort of commission, but I get a little discount on the items I can’t live without as well as a discount for all of you in exchange for spreading the skirt love in my little world. Now that we have that out of the way…

When I first started on my journey to lose weight, oh sometime about six or seven years ago now, I began to walk. Walking turned to runs. It was pretty awesome. But I was genetically gifted with, dun dun dun…. CHUB RUB. Come on ladies, most of you don’t have that thigh gap, and YOU NOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. First it begins with the thighs that kind of catch when you’re mid-run. But then the sweat starts to give it a little lubrication, and you think you’re out of the woods. But no. About a mile later, you’ve got a little heat that has built up and (sorry men, it’s not THAT kind of heat). Before you know it, there is a little stinging involved.

imageMy options included giving up the idea of wearing shorts and just resigning myself to those running capris. But I’ve got to tell you, it’s darn hot here in Texas and humid to boot. If I could run nekkid and get away with it, I would! So I began my quest for something better. A random post all those years ago on a weight loss message board was ultimately what introduced me to the running skirt, specifically, Skirt Sports. I was promised that those skirts would change my life.

I was all about changing my life at that point, so I took a look. Back then, the selection was just a couple of styles, so it was easy for me to grab a gym girl ultra skirt and be done with it. The company promised that the little compression shorts would hold all of me in there (yeah, that was a concern at the time) and were long enough to cover all the way down to that little piece of meat on the thigh that was causing all my angst. Verdict? Well, there is a reason I ONLY run in Skirt Sports running skirts.

But enough time in the old way-back machine… let’s talk about the here and now.


My friends are as diverse as their favorite skirts!

The skirts have come a long way and there are so so many to choose from, it’s almost dizzying. So, the big question is… what features are important to you? Coverage of the leg? Length of the shorts underneath? Adjustability of the waistband with a drawcord? Pockets to fit your iPhone or run nutrition?

When my friends ask me which skirt to buy for their first, I almost always tell them “gym girl ultra” because it’s a tried and true classic. But I scoured through the website this morning and put together this little handy-dandy table of all the features of the various skirts being currently sold in the hopes that it helps all of you decide which skirt is your soulmate…


Oh, and as I talked about earlier, my friends get a discount on their Skirt Sports order! This code (FWS20) is good only once per customer and expires 9/30/2017 and can be used at www.skirtsports.com. We get new codes every quarter, so you can place an order every quarter with discount codes!

So, do you have a favorite style? I’ve been challenged to break out of the old comfort zone (I mean, really, I have more than 30 gym girl ultra skirts alone!) and try a different style I didn’t think I would like. I’ve bought a Happy Girl, a Jette, a Peek-A-Boo and a Mod Quad. Which one should I try next?

I’m a SkirtSports Ambassador!

AmbassadorStampFour years ago when I began “running,” my biggest fuss was that my shorts would ride up between my legs. I was certainly not going to wear anything tight enough to not ride up, because that showed off my assets a little too much (and what big assets I had!). It just so happened that a girl on a running forum mentioned a sale online for a running skirt and all the girls went wild. Yeah, it was a little like that.  I didn’t have the first clue what they were talking about, but the one thing I learned in life is if you don’t know what someone is talking about, smile and then google the heck out of it when you get back to a computer. Best.google.ever. I discovered SkirtSports! This beautiful piece of athletic wear literally changed my fitness life. I dealt with my issue and had a great way to cover my slowly shrinking assets. I literally wear skirts for every run, walk, bike ride and race volunteer activity I do. There hasn’t been a race or a training season in which someone has not asked about my skirts.

Nothing in moderation...

Nothing in moderation…

When the opportunity to apply for SkirtSports Ambassador came up earlier this year, everyone encouraged me to apply. I am so glad I did it early! They received so many applications that they had to close down the system only a couple of days into the process. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I can’t think of a better company to do this for. Last week, I got the most amazing email – I got it! I might have jumped up and down a little bit in my office and immediately called my running bestie. One of the best perks is getting to share a family&friends discount with all of you! Full disclosure: I don’t receive any sort of financial incentive for your purchases. This is strictly a little gift for you.

So, run right out to skirtsports.com and load up your cart (and use code SSAMB20MW for 20% off your order – it’s good all year)! My favorite has been and always will be Gym Girl Ultra. I have close to thirty of them (hi, my name is Erin and I am a skirt-a-holic). I am planning on using my handy-dandy discount to try out a few others, though, as well as some more of the tops and bras. As I write this, there may be a package sitting on my doorstep… Stay tuned for more…